katakanadian (katakanadian) wrote in ergfreaks,

goals for this erg season

I'm going to try to get my 2K score back down below 7:30 for the first time in almost 9 years. If I can also get my weight down 8kg than I have a shot at CRASH-Bs but that's a secondary goal.

I'm also thinking I will train to set a WR in the 100K. I did it 8 years ago but someone has beaten that record. Now I'm in a different age bracket so I can still set a record without being faster.

What are your goals?
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100k is crazy! What average split are we looking at here? And omg how long will it take? Longest I've ever done is 12000 at a snails pace hahaha.

Right now, I guess my goal is to get my 2k erg below 6:53 (my best time ever!). I just joined this community and I'm pretty excited to meet other rowers on lj :)
I set the 100K world record for women (broken in 2004) almost 8 years ago with an average split of ~2:19. I was aiming for an average closer to 2:18 but got hit by muscle cramps after ~6 1/2 hrs. My actual pace I rowed at was usually 2:12-2:16 but stopping for water/food/bathroom drags things down. Now that I'm older I just want to do it in less than 8hrs (2:24 avg) which would be a record for women in the 40-49 age group.

My 24hr world record from 4 years ago still stands and I think that averaged out to ~2:29 during the time I rowed but I was also taking ~10 minutes for rest each hour. It was the worst fatigue I have ever felt in my life. The 100K was easy in comparison.

I wish I could do 6:53. My best is 7:11.3 (12 years ago) which broke the world record but was, alas, only good enough for 4th place. >_<

I truly am an erg freak. :D
THAT IS AMAZING! Wow, I'm not much of an erg freak to be honest. I'm more interested in actual rowing and the dynamics of a boat. Balance, technique and all that. I've been rowing for a year and a half and right now we're (my crew of m4-) barely getting by, I still have the most fun though :)

Wowowow. 24 hours? Is your name in a book? Haha! Truly awesome.

Holy what the crap, so what's your plan for the 100k. How exactly are you going to train for something as epic as that? Yeeesh. Keep us posted, all right?
Is your name in a book?
You can find me on this page. See if you can figure out my name. You should have enough info within this post and comments.

I did a 30K piece this week and will probably do a marathon next week. There are a lot of problems you run into after a couple hours that aren't obvious when planning a program of simple progression of time and intensity. e.g. painful fingernails due to the constant pressure of gripping, butt cheeks rubbed raw, bonking because you can't eat enough proper food without upsetting your stomach, tendon strain due to doing 10,000 strokes instead of the usual 1000-2000 strokes in a day, etc. I wouldn't recommend that someone try doing 100,000 unless they have done at 50K in one workout before.
Butt cheeks rubbed raw, I so know the feeling. I get it usually after an intense erg piece. Adding you! :)

Goodluck on the next record, let me know what happens. Can't wait to tell my team mates about you haha, see ya!
Check out C2's pace calculator to get an idea what pace is needed for various times and distances.
kata have you ever rowed CPR?
What is CPR?