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imagine a white raven

6lbs in 2 months

Hey all,
I have some questions about rowing lightweight. I've never tried before (never imagined I'd be this light) but it's now my goal for the spring.

I'm a college senior on a D3 club team. I'm 5'5", female, and currently weigh between 134 and 136, depending on the day and time of day. This is fine right up until May 11, yes, Dad Vails, when the cutoff is 130. We don't have any races with a lwt category until New England Fours on May 5, and I think it's still 135 there, but I want to have a safety net of a couple pounds for Dad Vails as soon as I can.

I know that healthily losing 6lbs in 2 months is doable. I don't know how to do it right, though. I have problems losing weight because in the past, I haven't had to try but now that I'm closer to my potential lowest weight it's hard. Also, I'm afraid that if I cut calories wrong (or too much) I'll lose power, so I end up not cutting enough.

Can anyone give ballpark guidelines on any of this -- what foods are really good to eat, what to stay away from (besides the obvious candy and alcohol), how many calories I can take in without compromising my body's fuel supply, etc?


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