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Whenever I look up good erging songs or mixes, I always get these lists of songs that I would.. NEVER.. erg to.  There is a certain art to this process, I think, and you have to be careful what you put onto your mix CD or playlist.  Mainly because while you are erging, your mind is very receptive to a background rhythm to follow with.  The reverse of this is when you get songs where the beat is NOT easy to erg to, and your rhythm gets thrown off, whereupon you attempt to tune out the music in your head, which just defeats the point of putting such a song on an ERG mix in the first place.

Having given up trying to go off of other people's suggestions, I did my own research via iTunes and came up with my own compilations.

Without a doubt the all-time best erg song (in my experience): "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne

Other songs that I find really good, though may vary depending on your taste:
- "Call on Me" ~ Eric Prydz (sort of a joke among my crew, but actually pumps everyone up)
- "Let's Go" ~ Trick Daddy ft. Lil Jon (a bit profane, but I cut out the stuff in the very beginning and the rest is great)
- "Get Loose" ~ T.I.
- "Til I Collapse" ~ Eminem
- "Bad Touch" ~ Bloodhound Gang (surprisingly turned out to be a really good erg song, try it)
- "Fire" ~ Joe Budden
- "Le Disko" ~ Shiny Toy Guns
- "Paper Planes" ~ M.I.A.
- "Do You Know" ~ Enrique Iglesias

And the classics that are good erg songs, though they don't necessarily follow the above criteria:
- "Welcome to the Jungle" ~ Guns N Roses
- "Shook Me All Night Long" ~ AC/DC
- and many other 80s rock

Go ahead and add any that you are particular fond of or have found to be effective.
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